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The Treaty of Waitangi

"The Treaty of Waitangi workshop was a fantastic workshop and staff are still buzzing" – Landcare Research, Manaaki Whenua

A sweeping introduction to The Treaty of Waitangi, this programme is designed for those with little to no previous understanding on the Treaty.  Gain insight into our unique cultural history as New Zealanders through an analysis of the Treaty. In doing so, participants will learn the answers to fundamental questions such as, what is the Treaty of Waitangi? What is its significance to New Zealanders historically and today? What are the issues that have arisen under the Treaty and how can it be implemented practically in the workplace and society generally today?


Morning Session: The Treaty Historically

Te Tiriti v The Treaty: understanding the different interpretations of the Treaty.

The Principles of the Treaty: reconciling the different interpretations to arrive at the intention of the Treaty.

Afternoon Session: The Treaty Today

The Battle for Sovereignty: from 1840 to modern times.

The Treaty Today: relevance in the workplace and society generally.


Per Person Enrolment Fee: $595 (excl GST); $295 (excl GST) for community organisations, students and beneficiaries. Early bird (at least one month prior) and multiple enrolment discount of 10%.

To enrol contact

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2017 Workshop Dates


Thu 2 March 10am - 4.30pm;

Thu 4 May 10am - 4.30pm; or

Tue 17 October 10am - 4.30pm.


Wed 5 April 10am - 4.30pm;

Tue 18 July 10am - 4.30pm; or

Mon 13 November 10am - 4.30pm.


Thu 12 October 10am - 4.30pm.


In-house workshops and Skype sessions can also be arranged on a date that suits you. 

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